Thursday Dec 09, 2021

Ro-Ro Transportation

Along with the divisions of labor on transportation, ro-ro transportation becomes more popular. Most customers want to use ro-ro vessel to fulfill their vehicle transportation. Compare with break-bulk vessel, ro-ro vessels obviously have their strong points: vehicles have their steady space, avoid crushing and pressing; most under deck could avoid damage of sea water and bad weather; lower freight rates. All these make ro-ro service became the first choice of vehicle transportation.

Currently ro-ro vessel could accept following goods: Car, pickup truck, bus, minibus, trailer, construction machine, spare parts for vehicles, some equipment.


1.Some ro-ro company only accept brand new vehicles, don’t accept second hand.

2.Most ro-ro vessel only accept self-moving vehicles, don’t accept trailer, spare parts and equipment, need to confirm in advance.

We cooperated with most famous ro-ro owners, and provide ro-ro service for most main ports all over the world.