Thursday Dec 09, 2021

Garment Logistics

The make-up of today's textile industry is rather international, and their demand on logistic become more and more strict. To guarantee transit time, quantity and quality control, storage, labeling, Dispatch within various services, etc…… All these make garment logistic more and more professional.

1. International service

Cerea Logistic paid more attention on the details of garment transportation, especially on hanger service. Using hangers not only prevents your clothes from being crumpled, it also saves space and therefore minimizes costs. We can serve our clients with their different requirements, using hanger container or air textainer. We always adopt door to door service, put all things under one umbrella and offer you tailor-made import control.

2. Domestic service

Along with the developing of china market, there are more and more needs on garment transportation, and domestic move for hanging garments needs more professional treatment. SCL make more efforts on developing hanger garment business in china market, we began to serve our customers between different points, just like Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Beijing, Xiamen, Chengdu, and so on. We provide timing and non-crumpled delivery for each case, and make special plan to match each customer’s requirements.

We are trying to support our customer to make everything timely and efficiency.